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The Vision of this Church is Healthy People. To be healthy is to be whole spiritually & emotionally. Everything we do here at GFC expresses our uncompromising passion for helping you break free of your past and all those things that would seek to deteriorate your walk with Christ. All of our ministries address very unique and specific needs of our community. The people participating in these ministries are passionate about helping others and transforming lives. With genuine love and heartfelt conviction, we present "Jesus the Savior" as a present necessity.

The ministries of GFC are designed to accomplish the vision in three ways:

1) By providing an outlet for those with talents to share and a place of safety and refuge for all who enter our doors.
2) By offering tools for sound, practical, and spiritual application of the Word of God in order to empower and incite Godly change.
3) By preparing a launching pad for life and energizing all to be Kingdom men and women that charge the atmosphere around them.



At Greater Faith Church, our focus is simple, clear, and intentional…

- To help you acknowledge Christ’s unconditional love for you.

- To develop your gifts through relevant teaching and challenging, Godly fellowship.  
- To help you embrace the “New Beginning” to which God has called you.
- To provide opportunities to deploy your gifts to impact your church family, your community, your

   marketplace, and your world.

- To break the relaxed, comatose spirit that seeks to paralyze our City & State and to do that which 

   has never been done!

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